5.0 star rating 8/22/2017

Attention to details! Jake and Ted  completed our bi-annual home carpet cleaning. Excellent job!  They're very personable and showed a sincere interest in caring for our carpet and furniture.

Thank you very much Jake and Ted!

-Wes Y.

5.0 star rating 8/3/2017

Jake from Advantage Carpet Care came to my rescue after my restoration was done due to flooding from my bathroom toilet. He was very professional and had excellent customer service. When I met him, he showed me what he was going to do to my badly stained carpet from the flooding and was very knowledgeable in his field of work. I asked Jake if he was the owner of the company because he was a very passionate and dedicated person with his work and said he is the Lead Carpet Tech. After a very detailed professional carpet cleaning, he left blow dryers to make sure the carpet is dry and be in a good condition. When he came back to pickup the blowers, I was amazed how clean the carpet was, it was in good quality condition and restored the carpet to almost brand new. Thank you Jake from Advantage Carpet Care you did an excellent work and I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs your service.

-Pat S.

5.0 star rating 3/9/2017

Look no further, they are the BEST!

It's a long story, but a necessary read for you to understand how these guys went above and beyond for our family when we needed their help.  

My husband had started our washer and had stepped out for about 20 minutes to take care of other cleaning chores at our apartment.  When he came back into our place, he found our hallway flowing like a river.  He tried his best to use ALL of our towels to soak up whatever water he could and ring it out continuously and threw on all the fans in the house before I came home 4-5 hours later.  My daughter and I helped and just couldn't believe what was going on.  After an hour of us all trying to ring out towels of water time and time again, I told my husband that we needed professional help because this was not going to get done without it.

"We can't afford it" was the first words out of his mouth.  But I knew we couldn't afford not to get professional help.  We discovered that the water had gone everywhere in our unit.  I started to get concerned about the water sitting for hours and what that might do to the downstairs unit.  I called MGM carpet first because our building uses them, but they were unable to send a technician to help us because they were too busy.  They referred me to Ted, at Advantage Carpet Care and gave me the business number.  

I called and no one picked up, so I hung up because I didn't even know where to start with asking for help.  I got a call back 30 seconds later asking if I had just called.  The lady calling me back was very concerned about helping us.  She listened to our situation, and said she'd call me back because she needed to see who she could get to come out to help us.  We were able to get someone a couple hours later, but only because it was peak traffic time on a Friday, and our serviceman would have to come from Kailua, go to town to pick up equipment, and then fight traffic to get to us.  We were desperate, so we had no choice but to wait. 

Ted showed up at our door and came to assess the situation.  My husband, always concerned about the money we never seemed to have, immediately made his concerns known.  Ted was very understanding and genuinely wanted to help us.  He used his tools and discovered that the water had pretty much gone everywhere in our apartment.  If I could guess, about 90% of our place had traces of water and it was also in our drywalls.  Ted gave us an estimate of about $1500 for our 2 bedroom place of approximately 880 square feet.  

We gave him the go ahead and he went to work.  He really wanted to help us get the place dry as fast as possible.  He knew our concern about money so he thought of creative ways to use the least amount of equipment.  At first, he was going to set everything up and not come back for the next 3 days because it was a Friday, and they are closed on weekends.  Monday was President's Day, and he'd come back then.  We eventually decided that we wanted him to come back everyday to help us maximize the drying time by moving our furniture around as each section of our place dried out.  He let us use his equipment to drill holes in our drywall so we could place fans to air it out.  The dehumidifiers worked hard all weekend to take any moisture out of the rooms and closets, and it was important because we had wet spots in the closets under our California Closets installed system of drawers, which we were hoping would not get ruined by the water. 

Ted came everyday for 4 days straight, and his brother came on the 5th and last day to help us wrap things up.  My husband and I really felt like we got to know Ted really well in those 4 days.  We were bummed that he didn't come back the last day, but equally happy with working with his brother, the technician sent out to us that day.  Although this was not a pleasant situation to be in, we felt like we were treated like family.  

We were able to file a claim with our insurance and extremely happy with the quality of service, efficiency, and aloha provided to us by Ted, his brother, and his office staff who helped in arranging for us to get help and sending us the invoice by email.  Although we had 2 pieces of furniture that were damaged by water, we were able to replace it and not too many of our items were damaged.  

Ted Welch is the owner of this company, and he is very knowledgeable and passionate about the work he does.  We are extremely grateful that we were able to meet and work with him.  He taught us a lot.  He showed us the equipment he used, what to buy, where to get it, and we learned how to drill holes into our drywall to dry it out.  

Advantage Carpet Care is an awesome 24-hour emergency flood service!  I'd be surprised if there's a better company out there.  We won't ever have to look any farther than this company if we need this service again.  We even got a personal, hand written thank you card from Ted in the mail with his business card a couple weeks after his service.

-Shelley-Ann I.

5.0 star rating 2/1/2017

Nothing can beat a trunk mount carpet cleaning! Justin came out to clean my carpet and went the extra effort to spot clean my entire carpet. Despite the house dogs paw prints. Great service. Highly recommend his services! 5 stars from me!!!!!Try everyone else, but go with the best.....that's this company.

-Jason N.